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Shepard Fairey – Printed Matters

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It’s been an epic week in Detroit for the street art community, courtesy of the “giant” himself, Shepard Fairey. First, he completed his largest permanent mural to date (above) on the northside of One Campus Maritus in Downtown Detroit. Then last night, he unveiled his new exhibit “Printed Matters” at the Library Street Collective to a booming Detroit crowd.

BATTLE CREATURES made the trek from Battle Creek to take in this historic event for Detroit and Michigan, as a whole. Fairey’s work with his Andre the Giant stickers and Obama “Hope” images from the 2008 election have placed him in legend status among the street art world. To have someone of his notoriety come to Detroit to not only do an exhibit, but work on pieces around the city, it proves how important Detroit is to the scene.

Obey, Detroit, Andre the Giant, Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant, Street Art, Streetwear, Battle Creek, Battle Creatures, Justin Andert

Printed Matters featured a collection of smaller-scale items that included works of mixed-media, screen printing, illustration, and metal displayed within the Library Street Collective. Then after making your way through the indoor space, you are directed to an art-filled alley in the middle of the Z parking garage between Grand River and Gratiot near Campus Martius. The larger scale pieces in the alley were set against a backdrop of a large group of attendees, food trucks (El Guapo’s Tofu Taco ftw), and a Red Bull DJ booth inside of a refashioned old truck.

Check out the highlights of the night below:VIEW MORE


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[NOW IN COLOR] // BATTLE CREATURES is happy to announce the release of our Spring/Baseball drop this Friday at Battle Creek’s “Spring into the Arts” Festival.

Featuring a 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee and Navy Blue Snapback, now you can get in the spirit of Baseball season by representing Tigers colors and BC at the same time.

Look for us Friday from 5 – 9 p.m. for “Spring into the Arts” at the Maker’s Fair next to Mill Race Park. The Maker’s Fair will feature fine work from several Battle Creek “makers.” More info:

Battle Creatures, Battle Creek, Snapback, Big League Chew, Baseball, Detroit Tigers, Gothic, Baseball Tee, 3/4 Length

Check out our Spring Preview below: VIEW MORE


between the lines, battle creatures, battle creek, downtown battle creek, multimedia, photography, musical compositions

BATTLE CREATURES is proud to announce we will be sponsoring “Between the Lines,” a multimedia Art Show in Downtown Battle Creek. Opening Friday, the event will feature sketches, photography, and original musical compositions from Battle Creek natives Chris and Troy Ramos that will truly make for anevent Battle Creek has never experienced. We hope to see you all this weekend!

Opens Friday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.
117 W. Michigan Avenue
Downtown Battle Creek (two doors down from Arcadia Brewing)

More information on “Between the Lines”

More information on LA-based Chris Ramos
More information on recent Michigan-returnee (by way of Portland) Troy Ramos


Recap: Instagram Meet-Up

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Saturday marked the first Instagram Meet-Up in Battle Creek. The folks above were just some of the group that met-up with Battle Creatures to traverse Downtown, interact with other members of the community, and create. It was a great day (except for the incessant wind).

Submissions from area photographers are listed below. Head to Instagram and search for #bcmeetup to see all the photos from the day. 

Battle Creatures, Instagram, Instagram Meet Up, Streetwear, Street Art

Justin Andert (@sunupdown)

battle creatures, instagram, instagram meet-up, streetwear, street art, community, battle creek, battle creek mi

Jennifer Halbert (@jenhalbs)

battle creatures, instagram, instagram meet-up, streetwear, street art, community, battle creek, battle creek mi

Daniel Yates (@danielyates)

battle creatures, instagram, instagram meet-up, streetwear, street art, community, battle creek, battle creek mi

Justin Andert (@sunupdown)

battle creatures, instagram, instagram meet-up, streetwear, street art, community, battle creek, battle creek mi

Megan Hagist (@msmeganjulia)

Peer Michigan: Bonus Saves

bonus saves, street art, kalamazoo, art, battle creek

A common theme you’ll see from BATTLE CREATURES is a passion for street culture. Runway fashion and stuffy, white-walled galleries have a place in the art world, but real life happens on the streets. The things we see and hear in our day-to-day affect who we are and what we’re about. One thing I’ve noticed since being back in Battle Creek is the city’s street art. The scene here is small compared to larger metropolitan areas, but there’s a willingness by the community to see it. And that’s a huge first step.

If you’ve driven past the Capital Avenue Market, you’ve seen its walls covered with dope murals. Completed by a group of artists (SAVE ONE, OREK, ESEY, VERY, PHYBR, THOR, MATH, and BONUS SAVES) from several places, it proves that Battle Creek is a destination for artists. Case in point…Bonus Saves.

Since a young age, the SW Michigan native has been on an artistic journey, of sorts. His art started with pencil and pen sketches, moved on to paint, then photography, and back to his current paint format. He opened up the doors to his studio to talk with BATTLE CREATURES.


RECAP: Festivus


Saturday marked the 7th installment of the BCMAMS’ Mid-Winter celebration, Festivus. Battle Creek residents came out in droves to take part in the all the fun. The excitement and support from the community was as refreshing as it was staggering. The creativity of the sleds, made only of cardboard and adhesives, were enough to make the event stand-out. Then you add a chili cook-off, ugly sweater contest, and sleigh rides in the mix and you have the recipe for something that would make any city jealous.

Jeremy Andrews of the BCMAMS put it best on a social media post after the event when he said “If you’ve ever complained about Battle Creek, then you didn’t see today.” Here’s my photo recap of the day. Looking forward to a Battle Creatures sled next year.


Original Nintendo Sled…don’t worry, they didn’t have to blow on any cartridges to get it to start.



Wild Game Chili…Flame James


The Original National Lampoons station wagon, dead Grandma and all.



Battle Creek, Battle Creatures, Homeless, Homeless Awareness


Last night, Battle Creek community activist, Bobby Holley staged a “sleep-in” on the corner of North Avenue and Roosevelt. With temperatures dropping into single digits, he spent the night in the above pictured cardboard shelter. His goal was to raise awareness about homelessness in Battle Creek.

This act of selflessness comes at an important moment for Battle Creek’s homeless population. The city’s only soup kitchen GOD’S KITCHEN just had to close its doors for the month of February after a donation campaign fell short of its needed goal. A community forum about the Homeless in Battle Creek will be held the night of February 10 at First Congregational Church.

To Mr. Holley’s point, just because you can’t see the homeless, doesn’t mean they’re not there. There are many things you can do to help.

1. Attend the community forum to educate yourself on the situation and solutions. More info here: Battle Creek Homeless Shelter

2. Donate anything you can to God’s Kitchen, so they can re-open on March 2. Instead of that 3rd cup of Starbucks today or gossip magazine from the grocery aisle, head here and put those few extra bucks to something that matters. Because the secret is…Karma is actually a saint. If you are first. DONATE




Words and Photos: Justin Andert


Gibson Guitars, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Guitars, History, Vintage

Anyone worth their weight in the guitar world, knows the history of Gibson Guitars. For those who haven’t done their homework, let’s quickly go over a few things.

Gibson is the maker of the famed Les Paul , a solid body electric guitar model. It became one of the first mass-produced guitars after it’s release in 1952. With wide availability, the guitar still has a strong place in today’s marketplace. As a company, they’ve been an acclaimed brand name for over a hundred years. Various models of their guitars have been played by hundreds of legendary musicians. Elvis Prestly, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl. Just to name a few. But most of this is well-known.

What is less common knowledge, is that the company was founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson. In a small town called Kalamazoo, MI. A lot of the guitars used by the names listed above were made right here in SW Michigan. The company called Kalamazoo home for 84 years, before a change in ownership brought their headquarters to Nashville, TN.

Since their departure from Michigan, the company’s last factory in Kalamazoo has changed hands several times. The one visual reminder of this rich history has been the symbolic Gibson Smoke Stack. At the beginning of this month, the building’s current owner made plans to take down the stack, citing an estimate over six figures to make necessary repairs to keep it standing.

Since that time, a movement has started to Save the Gibson Stack. This is an important fight for our region. Lord knows, Michigan has had plenty of organizations uproot to greener pastures. The important thing to remember here is the Stack itself isn’t important, it’s what the stack symbolizes. When you watch footage of Jimmy Page shredding for Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley making music that resonates around the world to this day, they were holding something that was created underneath that stack. We’re not fighting to preserve a bunch of glued-together bricks. We’re preserving the way we felt the first time we played a chord or the way we felt when we heard the legends of yesteryear change music forever.

Please follow Save the Gibson Stack for more information and ways you can help. Support Michigan’s History.


bcmams, Battle Creatures, Battle Creek

Jeremy Andrews of BCMAMS

BCMAMS (Battle Creek Metropolitan Area Mustache Society) is a tour de force for tour de fun in the Battle Creek area. A prime example of this is Festivus, the group’s annual cardboard sled race, held each February at Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek. A family-friendly sled race and chili cook-off gives BATTLE CREATURES a reason to get creative and get outside during the (normally gloomy) Winter month.

A group of BCMAMS members were nice enough to invite me to partake in a Saturday of sled building. The only rules for the sleds are:
1. Only Cardboard and Adhesives are to be used to make the sleds
2. Be Creative.

Check out some photos of the day’s progress. Dont forget to come out to Leila Arboretum Saturday February 7 for Festivus (more info) and to see these finished products.

BCMAMS, Battle Creatures, Battle Creek, Festivus

BCMAMS, FESTIVUS, Battle Creek, Battle Creatures

BCMAMS, FESTIVUS, Battle Creatures, Battle Creek

bcmams4BCMAMS, FESTIVUS, Battle Creatures, Battle Creek





Attention BATTLE CREEK! A limited amount of BATTLE CREATURES gear is now for sale at INGE’S PLACE BUY LOCAL MARKET in the Ermisch Travel building in Downtown Battle Creek.

26 E. Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Open Monday – Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Photo by Justin Andert